Accident examples

Accident examples & crash tests

DEKRA Accident Research was set up in 1978 to provide numerous services connected with road safety and the analysis of real accidents. The field of work ranges from minor collisions to major pile-ups and from fire tests to crash barrier failures. Vehicle dynamics tests to determine the potential benefits of active safety systems as well as the reconstruction and analysis of a large number of accident sequences are carried out on the basis of theoretical approaches, assembled knowledge and practical tests.

The results of accident research and –analysis are described in the following lines using accident examples.

Accident examples - damaged vehicle involved in the accident Apr 2016

Accident - Collision with a tree

Examples of Accidents

A car moved into the lane at high speed to overtake another car.

Accident examples - Position of the collision mountain bike and pedelec Apr 2016

Accident - Pedelec collision with mountain bike

Examples of Accidents

The cyclist was riding his mountain bike at night without lights along the sidewalk and collide with a pedelec rider.

Accident examples - Final position of the car after the collision Apr 2016

Accident - Railroad crossing

Examples of Accidents

When traversing a half-barrier railroad crossing, a car collided with a freight train approaching from the left.

Accident examples - Interior view of bus: Seat in which the fatally injured woman was sitting Apr 2016

Accident - Transit bus

Examples of Accidents

Cyclists were riding in front of a transit bus. The bus braked hard. During this braking maneuver, an 87-year-old woman on the bus was fatally injured.

Accident examples - damaged Renault Twingo Apr 2016

Accident - Head-on collision following overtaking maneuver

Examples of Accidents

On a rural road, the driver of a Mitsubishi Pajero overtook another car. A Renault collided head-on with the Mitsubishi, which was pulling back into the correct lane.

Accident examples - Illustration showing the position of the collision Apr 2016

Accident - Collision between a truck and moped

Examples of Accidents

At a stoplight-controlled intersection on a rural road, a truck traveling straight ahead collides with an oncoming moped turning left.

Accident examples crash test - Collision with the stationary cars at the back of the traffic jam Apr 2016

Crash test - Collision with stationary cars at the back of a traffic jam

Examples of Accidents

Traveling at 80 km/h, and without braking, a Jeep Grand Cherokee (passenger car) collides with three stationary cars, which represent the back of a traffic jam.

Accident examples - Collision between the two cars Apr 2016

Crash test - Unrestrained child standing in the car

Examples of Accidents

During the collision, the child dummy is flung forward against both the front windscreen and the dashboard.

Accident example - Final position of both the vehicles - truck on the street, car on the pavement 2015

Accident - Frontal collision involving truck and car

Examples of Accidents

After the left-hand bend the vehicle was steered into the oncoming lane for unknown reasons where it crashed head on into an oncoming truck.

Accident example - Frontal collision involving truck and car 2015

Crash test - Truck and car

Examples of Accidents

An trailer truck and a car collided head-on with each other in a crash test.

Accident example - Life-threatening loads for the Mazda occupants 2015

Crash test - T-Bone junction collision in the past

Examples of Accidents

In the crash test an older Ford Fiesta crashed into the side of a Mazda 626 at right angles with a collision speed of 50 km/h.

Accident example - both cars damaged after the crasht test 2015

Crah test - T-Bone junction collision today

Examples of Accidents

In the crash test a Ford Fiesta crashed into the side of a Mazda 6 at right angles with a collision speed of 50 km/h.

Accident example - The almost completely compressed passenger cell of the BMW in the driver’s position, mounted and penetrated steering column 2015

Accident - Collision with oncoming traffic in the past

Examples of Accidents

Due to excessive speed the driver of a BMW E12 (525) careered into the lane of oncoming traffic when taking a long right-hand bend. This resulted in a frontal collision with an oncoming Opel Ascona B.

Accident examples - Comparison of the different resulting damage 2015

Crash test - The potential of today´s active and passive safety

Examples of Accidents

Two structurally identical BMW models from the current series were crashed to highlight the potential benefit of modern vehicle safety systems.