Accident - Collision between a truck and moped

04 Apr 2016 Examples of accidents & crash tests
Sequence of events
At a stoplight-controlled intersection on a rural road, a truck traveling straight ahead collides with an oncoming moped turning left. Both the truck driver‘s and moped rider‘s view was obstructed by another truck, which was waiting inside the intersection to turn left.
Truck (approx. 80 km/h)
Moped (15 km/h)
The moped rider was killed. The truck driver was uninjured.
The truck driver fails to see the moped because his view is obstructed by the truck ahead, which wants to turn left and, due to oncoming traffic, is waiting inside the intersection. For the same reason, the moped driver‘s view of the oncoming traffic is also obstructed. The truck driver drives through the stop light at the end of the yellow phase, which he should have heeded, at the same time the moped rider turns onto the road despite his restricted line of sight. The truck driver does not see the moped rider until they are around 15 meters away from each other, by which time a collision is unavoidable.
Avoidance measures, mitigation of consequences/
strategy for road safety measures

The truck driver should have stopped when the stoplight was yellow.
The moped rider should have observed the right of way when turning. He should also have waited until his view was unobstructed, allowing him to turn safely.