The traffic fatality figures in many countries of the world demonstrate the scale of the challenge associated with improving road safety over the long term. While the EU once again saw a decline in the number of fatalities on its roads in 2016, the number of fatalities in the USA rose sharply, more than in any other industrialized nation. Measures to counteract this are urgently required.

Road in South Australia Jun 2017

Road Safety Strategy 2020 and accidents in South Australia


South Australia has also adopted “Vision Zero” as the main motivation for its road safety work.

 Wet road Jun 2017

Road safety is a global challenge


A total of around 65,000 traffic fatalities were recorded across the EU and the USA in 2016.

Accident with cop Jun 2017

Drastic increase in the number of traffic fatalities in the USA


Let’s return to the topic of accidents in general. The picture in the USA is very di?erent to that in the EU.

 Child sits on the floor and has injured himself Jun 2017

Cyclists continue to be at serious risk


As the figures from Germany show, cyclists did not benefit from the general positive trend observed for traffic fatalities in 2016.

The town of Filderstadt has been using warning signs like this for many years to highlight the potential danger on a hazardous road Jun 2017

EU placing more focus in serve injuries


According to information from the EU Commission, statistically, for every traffic fatality that occurs, a great many more people will suffer severe, often life-changing injuries.

Emergency stop with security forces Jun 2017

Big Differences Around the World


The development in the number of traffic fatalities in many countries around the world is a clear indication of the huge challenges involved in improving road safety in the long term.

A car lies on the roof. Apr 2016

Acute risk of missing EU targets for 2020


The sustained downward trend is unmistakable, although it has clearly lost momentum in 2014.

Destroyed front of a Bus. Apr 2016

Comparison of risks among different road user groups


The risk of being killed in a road accident is still many times higher in a car than it is on public transport.

Pedelec riders Apr 2016

Bicycle and pedelec fatalities


Cyclists are especially vulnerable road users. In Germany in 2014, 396 cyclists were killed in road accidents.

A sleeping child sits in a child seat. 2016

Children must be better protected


Children traveling in cars must be restrained in a manner suitable for their age and size.