Accident - Collision with uncoming traffic in the past

01 Apr 2015 Examples of accidents & crash tests
Accident circumstances
Due to excessive speed the driver of a BMW E12(525) careered into the lane of oncoming traffic when taking a long right-hand bend. This resulted in a frontal collision with an oncoming Opel Ascona B. The coverage was roughly half of the front of both vehicles. Both vehicles were thrown back several metres as a result of the impact of the collision. During the technical inspection of the BMW significant faults were identified on the braking system, but they were not classified as having caused the accident. The driver of the oncoming vehicle started to emergency brake before the collision.
BMW E12, registration date 1974, (110-115 km/h), 1,400 kg mass
Opel Ascona B, registration date 1979, (30-35 km/h), 1,000 kg mass
Consequences of accident
Driver of the BMW suffers multiple life-threatening injuries to the whole body, freed from being trapped in the vehicle by the fire brigade.
Driver of the Opel died at the accident site.
The damage to these vehicles led to considerable deformation of the passenger cells. The passenger cell must have as high rigidity as possible to protect occupants in an accident. This ensures adequate residual space. The vehicle parts of the other party involved in the accident should not penetrate this space so that the passive safety elements (seat belt, safety steering column, with modern vehicles airbags) can be fully effective. In both the vehicles involved in the accident the maximum energy absorption of the affected front areas was exceeded so the passenger cells collapsed.