Accident - Motorcycle

01 Sept 2017 Examples of accidents & crash tests
Sequence of events:
A motorcyclist braked excessively while entering a left-hand bend. As he began to steer into the curve, he released the brake, at which point the motorcycle suddenly jolted upright before tipping to the right. The motorcycle and motorcyclist then skidded along the road until the motorcyclist collided with the post supporting a curve marker sign. The motorcyclist became entangled with the pole before coming to rest directly behind it. The motorcycle skidded into the field behind.
The motorcyclist died from his injuries at the scene.
Rider error and excessive speed in combination with critical infrastructure design
Avoidance measures, mitigation of consequences/ strategy for road safety measures:
  • The motorcyclist should have reduced his speed.
  • Curve-capable ABS (ASC).
  • Rider safety training in order to better understand how a motorcycle responds in critical situations.
  • Yielding curve marker signs
  • Although the newly planted trees at the scene of the accident help road users to see earlier how the road curves, they will in a few years constitute deadly obstacles.