Accident - Pedelec collision with mountain bike

04 Apr 2016 Examples of accidents & crash tests
Sequence of events
The cyclist was riding his mountain bike at night without lights along the sidewalk toward the town center. The pedelec rider, who stated that she had her lights on, was driving along the sidewalk presumably toward the main street. The cyclists collide with each other. They both fall to the ground and are seriously injured. Neither cyclist was wearing a helmet and they both sustained head injuries (among other injuries).
Both cyclists were seriously injured.
The mountain bike rider could have avoided the collision if he had stopped at the corner of the house before turning onto the sidewalk. The line of sight to the left was obstructed by a garden fence and, just before the intersection, an advertising pillar on the left. When stopping on the edge of the sidewalk, the mountain bike rider could have checked the sidewalk to the right and seen the pedelec rider approaching from the right.
Avoidance measures, mitigation of consequences/
strategy for road safety measures
Technically speaking, the pedelec rider could not have avoided the accident. Because of the path she was taking along the sidewalk, she did not have time to react and avoid a collision. This section leading up to the intersection is not designated as a cycle path. A combined sidewalk/ cycle path is located on the other side of the road. The pedelec rider should have been riding on the explicitly designated sidewalk/ cycle path in the same direction. No structural barriers that would have prevented use were in place. The severity of the accident impact could have been mitigated if both cyclists had been wearing suitable helmets.