Car collides with cyclist

25 Apr 2019 Examples of accidents & crash tests

Poorly visible bicycle

Sequence of events:
An 8-year-old child on a bicycle wanted to cross the lane of a main road in the dark. He rode out of a driveway onto the road without stopping. At the same time, a car was approaching from the right. The driver did not notice the child in time, and there was a collision in the car's lane.
Driver of a car and child on a bicycle
The child was seriously injured by the collision.
Children from the age of 8 are allowed to ride bicycles on the road in Germany. If this right is exercised, the bicycle must meet the requirements of the German road traffic licensing regulation. This bicycle was equipped with lighting that did not meet these requirements , and there were no side reflectors. The driver was not able to notice the cyclist until it was too late. The child disregarded the right of way of the car.
Avoidance measures, mitigation of consequences / strategy for road safety measures:
Automated emergency braking with a bicycle detection system, which is also effective in a non-built-up area, could have prevented the accident or at least significantly mitigated the consequences of the accident. Vehicles (including b bicycles) that are used in road traffic must comply with road traffic licensing regulation. therefore, parents must ensure that their children's bicycles comply with these regulations. When riding in the dark, cyclists should wear eye-catching and contrasting clothing, preferably with reflective elements. Parents should also encourage their children to dismount and push their bicycles when they cross busy roads or roads with fast traffic.