Car collides with truck

07 Jun 2018 Examples of accidents & crash tests
Sequence of events:
A car driver was driving in the right-hand lane of a highway and crashed into the back of a truck, which was driving ahead in accordance with regulations, at a very high speed (approximately 160 km/h) without applying the brakes. In doing so, the car slid under the truck as far as up to the front seats. Signs indicating that the car driver had attempted an evasive maneuver before crashing into the back of the truck were not found at the scene of the accident. Inspections of the truck’s rear lights showed that the equipment was functional and switched on at the time of the accident. The truck rear also had red and yellow reflective panels.
Car, truck
The car driver was killed after the rear of the truck penetrated deeply into the passenger cell.
According to the accident analyst, the cause of the accident can be attributed exclusively to the fact that the car driver did not react to avoid crashing into the back of the truck, which was clearly visible from behind. The severe consequences are due to the lack of compatibility between a car and truck as well as the huge difference in speed. Both of these factors rendered the car’s crumple zone ineffective.
Avoidance measures, mitigation of consequences/ strategy for road safety measures:
Tis accident could have been avoided or at least the severity of the consequences for the car driver could have been diminished by means of an automatic emergency braking assistance system. The fatal accident could have been avoided had the car driver been more attentive and focused. The high speed of the car contributed to the severity of injuries. For trucks, more effective rear underrun protection systems hold great potential.