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Collision between pedelec and bicycle

Nov 2020

Examples of accidents & crash tests

Collision at a junction

Sequence of events:
At a crossroads of two country lanes, a collision occurred between a pedelec rider and a cyclist. The front of the pedelec collided with the right-hand side of the bicycle. From the pedelec rider’s perspective, the cyclist was approaching from the left. During the collision, the pedelec became entangled with the bicycle, and the two riders collided into one another with a great amount force before falling to the ground.

Persons involved in the accident:
One pedelec rider and one cyclist

Both the pedelec rider and the cyclist were severely injured in the collision.

Due to a cornfield (plant height approx. 2 meters), the two parties had no direct view of each other. The pedelec rider approached the crossroads at around 35 km/h; the cyclist at around 20 km/h. In light of the restricted sight lines in all directions, both riders were traveling far too quickly as they approached the crossroads.

Avoidance measures, mitigation of consequences/ strategy for road safety measures:
In consideration of the speeds of both of the parties involved in the accident and the significantly restricted sight lines, the accident was unavoidable. In principle, the accident could have been avoided if both the cyclist and the pedelec rider had adjusted the way they were riding to account for the limited visibility at the crossroads and significantly reduced their approach speeds. In addition to this, users of two-wheeled vehicles always need to be aware that the general rules of the road – especially the “right before left” rule for right of way at junctions – still apply on country and woodland roads, and that anticipation and consideration of others are essential to road safety.

Sketch of the collision position
Sketch of the collision position
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