Crash Test by DEKRA with Positioning of Identical Child Dummies on the Back Seat

26 Apr 2019 Vehicle Technology
The dummy sitting on the left in the direction of travel is well secured in a child seat corresponding to its size. The seat ensures that the seat belt is positioned correctly and additionally protects with padding and energy-absorbing components even in lateral collision situations. The dummy on the right is sitting on the back seat without even the seat belt fastened.
After the crash test (frontal impact at 50 km/h), the strapped-in dummy is sitting in its seat. Due to the high delay values, a child would have been injured in this situation. But the severity of the injury would have been significantly less than with the child who was not wearing a seat belt at all. This dummy was thrown around inside the vehicle on impact and hit several times. This child would most likely not have survived the accident.