Crash test - T-Bone collision today

01 Apr 2015 Examples of accidents & crash tests
Crash test
The identical constellation was chosen for the crash test as in the crash test - T-Bone collision in the past, although modern vehicles were used. Thanks to the very stable Mazda 6 passenger cell the impacting Ford Fiesta only penetrated it slightly. At the same time the Fiesta’s front structure designed for partner protection worked effectively and dissipated the energy. The front area was more deformed than with the comparable older model as a result but the occupants of both vehicles were perfectly protected.
Ford Fiesta, registration date 2009, (50 km/h), 1,110 kg mass
Mazda 6, registration date 2009, (0 km/h), 1,458 kg mass
Crash outcome
Despite the fact that both vehicles were signifantly heavier and the much higher crash energy as a result, the risk of injury in both the vehicles involved was significantly lower than in the crash with the two older vehicles. The combination of optimised restraint systems – both vehicles were fitted with effective airbag systems besides seat belts and seat belt tighteners –, high-strength structures in the passenger cells and efficient crumple zones impressively proved the safety potential of modern vehicles. All the dummy load values measured were significantly below the limits. Assuming the occupants were wearing a seat belt, no serious injuries would have been expected with any of the occupants.