Crash test - T-Bone junction collision in the past

01 Apr 2015 Examples of accidents & crash tests
Crash test
In the crash test an older Ford Fiesta crashed into the side of a Mazda 626 at right angles with a collision speed of 50 km/h. Due to the very soft design of the side structure, typical of vehicles back then, the Ford penetrated the Mazda’s passenger cell very deeply. Due to the Mazda’s side structure giving way, the Fiesta was only damaged slightly in the front area, most of the energy was dissipated through the Mazda.
Ford Fiesta, registration date 1987, (50 km/h), 869 kg mass
Mazda 626, registration date 1983, (0 km/h), 1,060 kg mass
Crash outcome
The Ford Fiesta’s occupants wearing seat belts would only have had a comparatively low risk of injury in this accident. Due to the soft side structure of the Mazda 626, the Ford decelerated slowly, which keeps the load values low. This resulted in a totally different picture for the occupants of the Mazda. The dummy measurements here revealed terrifyingly high values. Based on the load values measured on the pelvis, chest and neck, life-threatening injuries can be expected in a comparable real accident. The vehicles were not fitted with airbags in accordance with the year of manufacture. The B-column deeply penetrated the passenger cell.