Crash test - Truck and car

01 Apr 2015 Examples of accidents & crash tests
Crash test
An trailer truck and a car collided head-on with each other in a crash test. The trailer truck was fitted with an innovative energy-absorbing underride guard. The car’s crumple zone could work perfectly effectively as all the vehicle’s relevant front structures could be supported on the underride guard. Energy was also dissipated by the underride guard. The trailer truck was effectively prevented from driving over the car and the occupants’ injuries remained non-critical.
VW Golf IV, registration date 2000, (21 km/h), 1,378 kg mass
MAN TGA, registration date 2000, (43 km/h), 15,150 kg mass
Crash outcome
The energy-absorbing front underride guard tested showed outstanding results. The potential protection went far beyond that stipulated by law. The enormous risks flagged time and time again by DEKRA among others and a large number of victims in collisions without front underride guard prompted the European Parliament to stipulate these kinds of protection systems from 2003 with the 2000/40/EC Directive for all new commercial vehicles with a permissible gross weight of more than 3.5 t Europe-wide. The driver dummy’s measurements in the truck did not identify any risk of injury, the driver and passenger dummies’ values in the car were significantly below the set limits for crash tests. The risk of injury can therefore be classified as low.