Crash test - Collision with stationary cars at the back of a traffic jam

04 Apr 2016 Examples of accidents & crash tests
Crash test
Traveling at 80 km/h, and without braking, a Jeep Grand Cherokee (passenger car) collides with three stationary cars, which represent the back of a traffic jam. The assumption is that the Jeep driver was distracted and so did not see the back of a traffic jam ahead.
Vehicles (passenger cars)
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Renault Twingo
Chrysler Voyager
Peugeot 106
The driver of the Jeep does not see the back of a traffic jam ahead.
The occupants of all the cars involved would be exposed to a more or less severe risk of injury. The occupants of the Renault Twingo in particular – both in the rear and front seats – would have had little chance of survival.
Avoidance measures, mitigation of consequences/
strategy for road safety measures
Such an accident could have been avoided were the driver paying attention. Also, state-of-the-art driver assistance systems such as automatic brake assist, which warns the driver and, in critical situations, initiates a braking operation, could either prevent the accident altogether or significantly mitigate the consequences.