Excessive speed

25 Apr 2019 Examples of accidents & crash tests

Passing a school bus

Sequence of events:
A car was driving at a speed of 45 to 50 km/h past a stopped school bus with the hazard lights flashing. Suddenly, a 12-year-old boy ran across the road from in front of the bus. The driver of the car could no longer brake or dodge in time, and hit the boy with the side of the vehicle, seriously injuring him.
Persons involved in the accident:
Car driver, boy on foot
?The pedestrian was seriously injured by the collision.
The stopped school bus was obstructing the view ahead. In such situations, it is to be expected that passengers exiting the bus will cross the road behind or in front of the stopped bus. Special attention should be paid to children, who are unable to assess the danger correctly. According to §20 of the German Road Traffic Act, traffic from both directions may pass a bus waiting at a bus stop with the hazard lights flashing only at walking speed.