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Fear is along for the ride

Jun 2016

News & Campaigns

Nationwide DEKRA survey on highway roadworks

Four out of ten drivers in Germany (40%) often do not feel safe on highway roadworks sites. The most common criticism expressed by the respondents (78%) was that vehicles drive too fast on roadworks sites. These are the conclusions of a survey of 1,446 drivers throughout Germany conducted by the expert organization DEKRA.

Drivers’ sense of insecurity on highway roadworks sites is so pronounced that two thirds of all respondents (67%/multiple answers) generally avoid the narrow left lane. More than one in five (23%) even feel really afraid there sometimes. Over half of the drivers (60%) complain that roadworks sites are confusing, for example due to the huge jungle of signs. One in seven (15%) feel that construction workers are difficult to see – a major hazard.

Only four out of ten respondents (39%) are convinced that roadworks sites are well secured.

In addition, 65% of drivers believe that it takes far too long to complete work at highway roadworks sites. The large number of roadworks sites in general is a source of annoyance for 45%. Only a quarter of drivers (25%) have no complaints about the roadworks site situation in Germany and take the view that “If it has to be, it has to be.”

A total of 1,446 people took part in the survey. They came from all over Germany to one of 56 DEKRA branches for the general inspection.

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