Motorcycle collides with left-turning car

08 Nov 2020 Examples of accidents & crash tests


Sequence of events:
On a town road, a motorcyclist overtook several vehicles that were waiting in front of him, driving through a marked no-passing zone to do so. Due to the high volume of traffic and a traffic light system, a tailback had built up. However, the exit from a local discount store on the right-hand side of the road had been kept clear, which enabled a car driver to turn left out of the exit. Upon seeing the turning car, the overtaking motorcyclist initiated emergency braking. Overbraking caused the motorcycle to fall onto its right-hand side, crashing into the front left-hand corner of the car. The impact threw the motorcyclist from his vehicle, coming to a stop lying on his back in front of the vehicle.
Persons involved in the accident:
One motorcyclist and one car driver
The motorcyclist was severely injured during the accident and taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries to his internal organs.
The cause of the accident was a combination of the motorcyclist failing to adjust his speed and attempting to overtake illegally using the marked no-passing zone. Due to the waiting vehicles, the motorcyclist did not see the turning car until very late. The car driver could not see the motorcyclist. An additional problem was the lack of an ABS system on the motorcycle. When the motorcyclist initiated emergency braking, this resulted in the front wheel overbraking, causing it to slip to the left and the motorcycle to fall onto its right-hand side. As a result of this, the motorcyclist was no longer able to swerve out of the way of the car or keep on braking the motorcycle.
Avoidance measures, mitigation of consequences/ strategy for road safety measures:
The accident could have been prevented if the motorcyclist had not overtaken the waiting cars on the left by driving through the no-passing zone. If its emergency braking had been stable, the motorcycle would have been able to brake to a stop just in front of where the collision occurred. If there had been an ABS system built into the motorcycle, the emergency braking attempt would most probably have been stable and successful and it would have been possible to prevent the accident.