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News & Campaigns

DEKRA's commitment to greater safety in road traffic.

Our founding fathers documented the aim of improving road safety in our statutes in 1925. In the early days, we focused on improving the safety of commercial vehicles. Before long, we were also providing passenger vehicle inspections, expert appraisals, vehicle testing, technical examinations and training.Through its various activities, DEKRA is committed to road safety. The regular vehicle inspections that we perform make an important and recognized contribution to enhancing road safety, as do the numerous accident research projects and crash tests that DEKRA conducts. Our accident analysts are regularly called upon to investigate the causes of road accidents at the scene. Furthermore, DEKRA experts are highly valued by national and international committees as competent partners in dialog. Not to forget the numerous publicity campaigns that DEKRA regularly initiates.

Feb 2018

Automated and Connected Driving Must Be Safe


The German Road Safety Council is asking manufacturers, standards organizations and legislators to compile standardized terms and definitions, operating principles, warnings and requests for users of automated driving functions.

At the presentation of the road safety report in Beijing Jan 2018

Road Safety: A Global Challenge


At the “First International Transportation Safety Expo” in Beijing, DEKRA presented a road safety report specifically geared towards China.

Dec 2017

Best Practice for the Realization of Vision Zero


As part of the presentation of DEKRA’s Road Safety Report 2017 in Brussels, the Spanish city of Torrejón de Ardoz was recognized for not having any traffic fatalities for seven years in a row.

DEKRA Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference Dec 2017

DEKRA Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference


Road safety: Modern advanced driver assistance systems in trucks could help to prevent accidents entirely or at least significantly mitigate their effects.

Nov 2017

European Commercial Vehicle Safety Award


DVR, EVU and DEKRA honor Scania engineer Fredrich Claezon for his valuable contributions to improving the safety of commercial vehicles.

sign Oct 2017

Danger in the twilight


During the fall season, drivers have to contend with additional hazards on the roads. One of them is the elevated risk of accidents involving wildlife.

When a washing machine becomes a missile Oct 2017

When a washing machine becomes a missile


DEKRA conducted a crash test at the Road Safety Center in Bielefeld to demonstrate the dramatic consequences of an unsecured load in a rear-end collision.

Man walking with headset on the street Sep 2017

Listen up in Road Traffic


By wearing headsets and headphones, road users run the danger of missing important warning signals.

 Car crashed with the hoverboard driver Aug 2017

At Risk of Falling but Not Insured


At the Safety Day held at the Road Safety Center in Bielefeld, DEKRA demonstrated the tremendous risks hoverboard riders are exposed to in road traffic.

Bikercrash with car from side view Jul 2017

High Risk of Injury


At the Safety Day held at the Road Safety Center in Bielefeld, DEKRA demonstrated the devastating consequences of a collision between a motorcycle and a convertible car.

Car crash with seriously injured people Jul 2017

New Goal for the EU


As a result of numerous measures, the number of people seriously injured on the road is to be halved by 2030.

assistance systems provide support in more and more vehicles Jun 2017

Avoiding driving mistakes and reducing the results of accidents


According to a Bosch evaluation, assistance systems provide support in more and more vehicles in complex or critical traffic situations throughout Europe, and systematically intervene where necessary.

Road sign Jun 2017

Road Safety Is and Remains a Global Challenge


Around 1.25 million traffic fatalities per year worldwide means that over 3,400 people are killed on the road every single day.

Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Klinke, member of the DEKRA SE Management Board and head of the DEKRA Automotive business unit Jun 2017

Best Practice for Fewer Road Casualties Worldwide


The figures for Germany sound encouraging: Following an increase in the number of traffic fatalities in 2014 and 2015 compared with previous years, 2016 once again saw a decrease in the number of people killed on our roads

Motorcycle driving in car Apr 2017

High Risk for Motorcyclists


In Neumünster, DEKRA used a crash test to demonstrate the severe consequences of a car colliding with a motorcycle.

Car drives on its own Mar 2017

Rules for automated driving


The German Government is submitting a draft bill on the operation of motor vehicles with a highly automated or fully automated driving function.

Car after crash Feb 2017

Quicker Rescue of Passengers Trapped in Vehicles


DEKRA, the Institut für Verkehrsunfallforschung (Institute of traffic accident research) at Georg-August University Göttingen and Weber Rescue Systems prepare joint study.

Damaged car after accident Feb 2017

Saving lives


The European Commission has published a list of 19 specific measures to improve vehicle safety.

Road sign hazardous materials Jan 2017

ADR: Transporting Hazardous Materials Safely


The changed regulations concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road come into effect on July 1, 2017.

Car armature with test instruments Dec 2016

Experiencing Testing Technology


DEKRA and carhs hold practical conference on autonomous emergency braking systems

Car hits a Tree Dec 2016

No Chance of Survival


In Neumünster, DEKRA used a crash test to demonstrate the devastating consequences of a car colliding with a tree.

Women in car with safety belt Nov 2016



One in five fatalities not wearing a safety belt according to a study by the German Road Safety Council (DVR)

Dr.-Ing. Christian Wiehen Nov 2016

European Commercial Vehicle Safety Award


Excellent engineering services: Dr. Christian Wiehen is honored by DVR, EVU and DEKRA for his lifetime achievement.

Road Safety Report 2016 in Madrid Nov 2016

Road Safety Report 2016 in Madrid


DEKRA presented their 2016 Road Safety Report at a conference in the Spanish capital for the first time.

Dekra SafetyCheck - car with opened bonnet Oct 2016

DEKRA SafetyCheck


Young drivers must be made aware of the importance of technical vehicle safety and the risks of road traffic.

DEKRA Executive Board member Clemens Klinke Oct 2016

Regulations for Driver Assistant Systems


In an interview with the German Press Agency, DEKRA Executive Board member Clemens Klinke spoke out in favor of legal specifications and a switch-off ban for certain assistant systems.

Presentation of the DEKRA Vision Zero Award Oct 2016

DEKRA Vision Zero Award Granted for the First Time


As part of the presentation of the DEKRA Road Safety Report 2016 in Brussels, Kerpen was recognized for the fact that there have been no road deaths there for six years in succession.

SafetyCube Sep 2016

EU Project “SafetyCube”


Together with 16 other partners, DEKRA is developing a tool with which decision makers can plan road safety measures better.

Young driver is using his smartphone while driving. Aug 2016

Keeping teens safe behind the wheel


In the future, road safety among teens needs to be increased significantly. The first DEKRA Road Safety Report published for the US aims to make its own contribution here.

On the highway, a car crashs against a vehicle, warning of roadworks. Jun 2016

Fear is along for the ride


Many drivers in Germany often do not feel safe on highway roadworks sites. These are the conclusions of a survey conducted by the expert organization DEKRA.

group picture of Jack Short, Benjamin Welle, Bernhard Ensink, Jorge Kogan and Clemens Klinke Jun 2016

International Transport Forum ITF in Leipzig


With over 70 countries represented and more than 1000 participants, including 38 ministers and vice ministers, the summit provided a global forum to discuss green and inclusive transport, the theme of this year´s meeting.

Panel discussion on the Shanghai-Stuttgart-Symposium 2016 Apr 2016

DEKRA road safety report at Shanghai-Stuttgart-Symposium


Stan Zurkiewicz, DEKRA CRO East Asia presented DEKRA Road Safety Report 2016 at the Shanghai-Stuttgart-Symposium on Automotive and Engine Technology.

Clemens Klinke, Member of the Board of Management DEKRA SE, Head of Business Unit Automotive Apr 2016

Tackling Challenges with Even More Focus


Editorial European Road Safety Report 2016 of Clemens Klinke, Member of the Board of Management DEKRA SE, Head of Business Unit Automotive.

inner-city traffic situation with pedestrian, cyclist and car. Apr 2016

Summary Road Safety Report 2016


Although the risk of suffering fatal or serious injuries in passenger transportation has decreased significantly over the past few decades, we must not rest on our laurels when it comes to the efforts to improve road safety even further.

Boy and girl wearing the DEKRA safety cap.

DEKRA safety caps

According to the motto "a head for safety" DEKRA is distributing signal-red safety caps for first graders to schools every year. With this campaign, which has distributed over 2 million caps so far, DEKRA is systematically implementing another initiative for greater road safety.

Interactive Vision Zero Map

DEKRA Vision Zero

The "Vision Zero" is the purpose of road safety experts around the globe. An overview of the cities with no deaths caused by road accidents provides the DEKRA online tool, which was developed by the DEKRA accident reserach experts.