Poorly secured boiler end falls off truck

07 Jun 2018 Examples of accidents & crash tests
Sequence of events:
Two boiler ends were loaded upright in a metal frame on a trailer attached to a truck. During the journey, the left-hand boiler end tipped over from the vehicle and damaged two oncoming coaches. The first coach swerved from the lane and collided with a car. The coach then tipped over onto its right and collided with another car.
Truck, two coaches, two cars
One coach driver was killed and one suffered serious injuries. Had there still been passengers in the two coaches, the consequences might have been even more devastating.
Only one of the boiler ends was properly secured using lashing chains so that it had a positive-locking fit with the frame. The other boiler end, however, was secured with securing straps such that the straps had no effect on the lower section of the boiler end. Soft anti-slip mats were attached to the edges of the boiler end. Because the boiler end was able to move, the sharp edges cut through the anti-slip mats and securing straps, causing the boiler end to fall from the vehicle.
Avoidance measures, mitigation of consequences/ strategy for road safety measures:
If the left boiler end had been secured in the same way as the right-hand boiler end, the accident would have been avoidable. Lashing material should have been attached in a way that a positive-locking fit between the boiler end and transportation frame would have been guaranteed. In addition, stable edge protectors would have had to be used to protect the lashing straps. Against this backdrop, providing professional drivers with training on safely securing loads is essential.