Safe Mobility

20 May 2021 The Human Factor
“Safe mobility” is a program launched by the German Road Safety Council (DVR) for people aged 65 or older who are active road users, be it as car drivers, cyclists, pedelec riders or pedestrians. The aim of this program is to help old-er people retain a safe form of mobility.
The program helps participants to determine for themselves what form their mobility takes, assists them in improving assessment of their own capability, and helps them to develop individual compensation measures. It is a modular seminar program that tackles all forms of mobility. The key topics in every session are hazardous situations during road use, old and new regulations, and how to approach one’s own capability and health. The free sessions are hosted by specially trained tutors who work with the participants to determine their interests and answer their questions.
The sessions are held all year round and throughout Germany in small groups (8 - 20 people), and are run by the DVR’s partners (ACE, ADAC, ARCD, BVF, DVW, VCD).