Safe on two wheels

06 Apr 2020 News & Campaigns

Many motorcyclists are already eagerly looking forward to the start of a new biking season. However, the first thing on the agenda after the winter break is to check that the bike is in a fit state.
DEKRA experts recommend that you consider the following points:


Check the setting of the shock absorbers and springs. Ensure that they are mounted securely and tightly and check for any cracks. It is also important for the left and right sides to be evenly balanced. Raise the front wheel and check that the steering is unimpaired as well as whether it is catching anywhere or has excessive play.


Check the thickness of the brake linings and check the brake hoses for unobstructed movement, cracks, leaks and abrasion. Also verify the fluid level. A change of brake fluid is necessary every two years in order to prevent steam bubbles forming. When you top up brake fluid, check the diaphragm in the reservoir to ensure that there are no bubbles.

Power transmission:

Chain and belt should be checked on a jacked-up and loaded bike. Ensure that the chain has not been set too tightly and that it has been oiled. Also check the fuel line for leaks and abrasion.


Adjust the tire pressure and check that there is sufficient tread depth. For safety reasons, DEKRA recommends at least three millimeters. The valves must be protected with cover caps. If you have treated your bike to new tires, be careful to drive carefully at first as there is a greater risk of skidding before the manufacturing chemicals have worn away and enough grip is available.