Transporting Children in a Cargo Bike – Always Use a Seatbelt and a Helmet!

08 Nov 2020 Vehicle Technology

Parents transporting their children in cargo bikes are becoming an increasingly common sight on our streets. But how safe is this mode of transport for our offspring? This question was the focus of a series of tests conducted by DEKRA at the DEKRA Technology Center at the Lausitzring race track.

In one of the cases, the dummy was wearing a seatbelt – the seatbelt system installed on the bicycle was the type recommended for children by the manufacturer. In the other case, the dummy was seated in the cargo box without a seatbelt. The braking procedure was executed at a speed of 25 km/h using the bicycle’s built-in brakes. The results are clear: The dummy without the seatbelt was thrown out of the box and its head hit the ground. In a real-life scenario, this would have resulted in severe head injuries – especially if the child was not wearing a helmet. The dummy that was wearing the seatbelt, on the other hand, barely moved from the position in which it was seated when the bicycle braked. In light of this, we should follow the maxim that anyone transporting their children in a cargo bike should always make sure that they are wearing seatbelts. In order to cover all eventualities, the children should also wear helmets.