Truck runs over child

25 Apr 2019 Examples of accidents & crash tests

Limited view

Sequence of events:
A truck was traveling down a narrow, slightly sloping street towards the intersection of a road with right of way.The driver wanted to turn left at the intersection. At the same time, a child on a bicycle approached the truck from the left. The boy was riding on the right-hand sidewalk of the road that had the right of way. As the truck was turning, a collision occurred between the left side of the truck and the child. The left wheel of the second axle rolled over the lower left leg and foot of the child.
Persons involved in the accident:
Driver of a garbage truck and a child on a bicycle
The child was seriously injured.
The truck driver suffered from shock.
It was too late when the truck driver was able to see the sidewalk on which the child was riding. The view into the intersection is severely limited by buildings and vegetation by the curve of the main road. In addition, the driver’s view of child was blocked briefly by the side mirror and the A-pillar of the truck (blind spot). Despite adequate mirrors, there is no direct or indirect view of many areas around a truck from inside. Because of the buildings and vegetation, the child was not able to notice the truck until late. In addition, because of the age and level of development of the child, his ability to prevent accidents has not developed completely. As a result, children in dangerous situations are often overwhelmed and misjudge the danger.
Avoidance measures, mitigation of consequences / strategy for road safety measures:
The intersection is clearly visible at the lowered curb. This suggests a slow approach. The vegetation would have to be reduced significantly in order to make the main road visible at an earlier stage. Depending on their development, children are often unable to make the right choice in dangerous situations. Road safety education and information can create safety awareness in children early on. In addition, all other road users should be made more aware of the particular behavior of children in road traffic.